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Message from the President

It is an honor to serve the Greater Phoenix Association of Health Underwriter’s as the current chapter President.  Thank you for your confidence and trust in electing me for the July, 2020- June, 2021 year.  I am excited about the team assembled to serve as your GPAHU Board.  We look forward to serving our community and you, our members.

Many times in the past I have been asked by both NAHU members and non-members; “What is the greatest benefit you receive from being a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters?”  For me, the greatest benefit is NAHU’s national magnitude.  In joining with benefits professionals from across the country, together, we Speak with One Voice.   My voice alone may not be heard; but in unison, as a national association, we are heard on Capitol Hill; a resounding echo across Washington, D.C. ~ Protecting the Consumer’s Future, we are America’s Benefit Specialists!

Not only is NAHU a recognized and respected brand, NAHU has a seat at the table with local, state, and federal law makers and federal healthcare regulatory agencies administration and staff.  NAHU CEO, NAHU staff, NAHU Board of Trustees and NAHU Members regularly meet with Congressmen, Senators, Congressional Staff and administrative staff from Health and Humana Services (HHS), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and other regulatory agencies.  Not any one of us could do this alone; it is only through NAHU membership we are able to affect change.

In addition to my NAHU Membership, I am a Capitol Club Contributor to the Health Underwriters Political Action Committee (HUPAC).  HUPAC raises funds for the purpose of supporting the political campaigns of candidates who believe in private sector solutions for health and financial security for all Americans.  My dollar is stronger, combined with the Health Underwriter’s PAC, than it is on its own. 

In this highly regulated health insurance industry, now more than ever, having my voice heard through my NAHU membership and having my HUPAC campaign dollars count has become a necessity.  Please join me in active membership in your local, state and National Association of Health Underwriter’s. 

When I am asked by brokers, agents, carrier reps and other benefits professionals who are not NAHU members, “Why are you an NAHU member?”  My simple response is, “Why are you not?”

Charlene Hogeland, REBC, LPRT

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What's New with GPAHU

Thank you to all of our members who completed our recent survey. You input is valued!

Remember to visit our website to register for upcoming events.


September 16, 2020
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM 

The session examines legislative and regulatory actions taken by Congress and federal agencies in response to COVID-19 and the role that NAHU is having in this process ; COVID-19 related resources offered by NAHU (webinars, podcasts, newsletter, etc.); NAHU’s continued policy priorities for the 116th Congress; major regulatory actions that have been taken and are expected in the near-term and later; and how NAHU members, the overall agent/broker community, and employers can get involved.


September 23, 2020
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM 

Our Managing Workplace Anxiety & Preventing Burnouworkshop will provide your participants the important skills and resources to recognize and manage workplace anxiety. By identifying these symptoms and coping skills employees and managers will be better suited in dealing with these common situations. Through this workshop your participants will be better suited to the challenges that the workplace can bring.


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Welcome New Members

August: Todd Peterson. Matsock & Associates

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AZ Government Affairs Update: Read Judge’s Full Decision Regarding Removal of the Stop Surprise Billing and Protect Patients Act

As a follow up to the Government Affairs Alert regarding the removal of the Stop Surprise Billing and Protect Patients Act from the November 2020 Ballot, We have included a link to the Judge’s full decision below.  Additionally, it’s important to note that Kutak Rock’s David Childers provided expert testimony in this case on the issue of whether the summary was consistent with the initiative.  

This ballot initiative was backed by a California union group.  It would have codified some of the Affordable Care Act in Arizona law by barring insurers from charging people more if they have a pre-existing condition.  The proposed initiative mandated that all hospital workers would receive an immediate five percent pay increase followed by three additional consecutive five percent annual increases.  The language also imposed new infection-control protocols for all Arizona hospitals. Finally, the proposed initiative increased patient protections with regards to surprise out-of-network bills. 

Judge Gates ruled that the initiative did not comply with Arizona law by failing to gain a sufficient amount of signatures and she found the required 100-word summary statement to be misleading.

Read Judge Gates Decision:


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Changes with your information?

GPAHU downloads member data from the national site, so update it there and we’ll capture changes that way.  To update your information, go to, click on “Membership”, then “My Account”.   You can update your address, email, edit your practice areas, view your member details, billing, add a photo, keep track of new members you brought in, certifications, etc.  It’s important to keep this data updated because this is how you will be shown in the Find an Agent tool (

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NAHU 365 App

Have you downloaded the NAHU 365 App? You can get this valuable resource for your device from the app store.

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Professional Development

As a member, you have access to so many tools to promote yourself and your business.  

  • Check out the Running Your Business series in NAHU vision.  There are informative video’s on everything from checking up on your E & O to Transitioning to a fee-based business.   Click here to learn more:  
  • You can also check out the “Promote Yourself” tab, under “Resources”, at  
    • Here you will find, infographics that summarize important legislative topics for you and your clients, including Medicare for All means one size fits all care.  Infographic is attached to the email version of this newsletter.
    • The NAHU Logo for you to share on your letterhead, business cards, or websites. 
    • Media and Social Media Tools and
    • Broker’s Making a Difference.  The Brokers Making a Difference website is designed to inform consumers, legislators and the media about the tireless work agents and brokers do in guiding their clients through the complex task of complying with numerous state and federal regulations while choosing and maintaining appropriate coverage at an affordable price. The website includes an interactive map where people can view specific examples of how brokers help their clients and gain a better understanding of the broker’s role as an advocate and educator. This website highlights the vital role of benefit specialists in the health care industry and the value they bring to their clients throughout the year.   If you haven’t already, check it out and share your story or ask your clients to share their story about work that you have done on their behalf.

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Earning the Registered Employee Benefits Consultant® (REBC®) designation elevates your credibility as a professional. The field of employee benefits continues to evolve rapidly. A year does not go by without new government regulations, new or modified coverages, and new techniques for controlling benefit costs. To best serve their clients, professionals need to have a current understanding of the provisions, advantages, and limitations associated with each type of benefit or program as a method for meeting economic security. The designation program analyzes group benefits with respect to the ACA environment, contract provisions, marketing, underwriting, rate making, plan design, cost containment, and alternative funding methods. The largest portion of this program is devoted to group medical expense plans that are a major concern to employers, as well as to employees. The remainder of course requirements include electives on topics serving various markets based on a broker’s client needs.

Click here for more information

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Vanguard Council

NAHU Covid Relief Fund

We have heard from many of you that you need help or want to help your fellow members and their families who have been the most seriously affected by COVID-19.

The NAHU COVID-19 Relief Fund has been initiated to provide financial support to NAHU members and their families that have been most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you or a fellow member have been impacted and you would like to apply for assistance or if you are in a position to make a contribution to help support your fellow NAHU member CLICK to DONATE!

All donations are tax-deductible! 

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congratulations to our triple crown qualifiers



To qualify for the Triple Crown, within the calendar year (01/01-12/31), a member must:

HUPAC: Participate in $12 x 12 draft program or contribute $150 total for the year
Membership: Recruit two or more new members
Advocacy: Use Operation Shout to send three or more messages

One, two, three -- it's that simple!

Click here for more information on how to Qualify!

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Not contributing to HUPAC?  Check out the Levels of Contributions and join us today!

  • Monthly Credit Card or Bank Draft Amount: $12.00/month
  • Annual or One-Time Contribution Amount: $150.00
365 Club
  • Monthly Credit Card or Bank Draft Amount: $30.00/month
  • Annual or One-Time Contribution Amount: $365.00
  • Monthly Credit Card or Bank Draft Amount: $42.00/month
  • Annual or One-Time Contribution Amount: $500.00
  • Monthly Credit Card or Bank Draft Amount: $63.00/month
  • Annual or One-Time Contribution Amount: $750.00


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Advocacy-Operation Shouts!

NAHU is the leading professional association for health insurance agents, brokers, general agents and consultants. We, the members work every day with individuals, families and employers of all sizes to help them purchase health insurance coverage and use that coverage in the best possible way. As a dedicated group of more than 100,000 benefit specialists from across the nation, NAHU advocates on behalf of American health insurance consumers.

Check out what NAHU is working on by clicking here- You can also GET ACTIVE and support our national chapter by sending an Operation Shout.    You should already be getting a timely email with the operation shout data, but if you aren’t, you can log into the NAHU site, under Advocacy, Click on Operation Shout!  Here you will find prepopulated betters to our AZ congress people all ready to go.  Click on “Write or Tell” and complete the requested data.   It will address the letter to the appropriate person(s), then click on Submit All Letters.  An email will be sent directly to the congress people.  The more our congress people hear from us, the louder our voice is.  

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Leading Producers Round Table

Why Apply for LPRT?

  • Distinguish Yourself
  • Exclusive Discounts for LPRT Qualifiers
  • Exclusive Training Opportunities
  • Develop Peer Networks


Visit to learn about how to qualify and the benefits you will receive.

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NAHU Happy Hour Podcast

Don't forget to subscribe to the NAHU podcast

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NAHU Educational Foundation

The NAHU Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps the public stay informed about the public and private health insurance options available to them. The foundation creates educational materials for the American public about private health insurance options, whether consumers are buying health insurance coverage on their own, purchasing coverage through the exchange or signing up for a plan through their employer. The foundation also assists those needing coverage who may be eligible for public programs like Medicare, Medicaid or children’s health insurance programs.  Interested in learning more?  We were to!  Be on the lookout in the coming months with more information and if you are interested in joining our NAHU Education Fund committee, please reach out to Jessica at [email protected]    

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Connect with the State and National Chapters


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