Board Of Directors

David J. Slepak
David J. SlepakPresident
Redirect Health
Bernie Hynes
Bernie HynesPast President
Hynes Benefits
Andrea Bailey
Andrea BaileyLegislative
Black, Gould & Associates
Natalie Daricek
Natalie DaricekMembership
BlueCross Blue Shield of Arizona
Jessica Cheney
Jessica CheneyAwards
Arcwood Consulting
Camille Jehle
Camille JehlePublic Service
Denise Haney
Denise HaneyPrograms/Prof Dev
Jeff Wilkinson
Jeff WilkinsonTreasurer
TDA Dental
Charlene Hogeland
Charlene HogelandMedia Relations
Black, Gould & Associates
Linda Atencio
Linda AtencioSecretary
Pay Day HCM
Linda Atencio
Linda AtencioNAHU Educ Found
Pay Day HCM
Jessica Hanson
Jessica HansonComm/Website
Benefit Mall
Position Open
Position OpenVanguard

Committee Chairs

Danielle Biers
Danielle BiersMedia Relations
Black, Gould & Associates
Trisha Bowman
Trisha BowmanMembership
Currenly Open
Currenly OpenGolf Tournament
Company Name
Currenly Open
Currenly OpenPosition
Company Name

Current Roster

The 2018 Roster is constantly updated to reflect the most recent members of the chapter. Click on the provided link to see all members of GPAHU.