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Updated CE Requirements for Webinars - Please read

Sep. 12, 2020

Like any business, the insurance industry is constantly adapting to fit consumer needs. In this constantly changing world, regular retraining and reeducation is necessary to stay certified as an insurance professional in the United States. 

As all of you can appreciate and understand we have had to shift and focus on new ways to provide quality content and approved CE courses to you all via new methods.

We would like to make sure you understand what this means to you and us as an association in order to comply with the Arizona Division of Insurance Continuing Education Program.

  • To qualify for approval, a course must be designed to develop or expand technical insurance skills and knowledge.
  • Fifty (50) minutes of instruction will qualify for one CE credit.
  • No partial credits will be awarded. Anything less than 50 minutes will be rounded down.
  • Registration, coffee and lunch breaks, and social hours do not qualify for CE credits and must be excluded from the CE credits requested. 
  • The following subjects will qualify for approval: Rating, tax laws (specifically related to insurance), policy contents, proper uses of products, ethics, risk management, pre-license training, Arizona insurance code and administrative rules, technical information related to the insurance license, errors and omissions, estate planning/taxation, wills and trusts, and financial planning. Management content directly related to insurance may be approved.
  • The following subjects will not qualify for approval: Sales, motivation, prospecting, psychology, communication skills, supportive office skills (typing, filing, computers, etc.), personnel management, recruiting, and other subjects not related to the insurance license


What does this mean to you?

  • You must be logged in to a computer - call ins will not be honored as you can not see the content being taught.
  • Final exams are not required for webinars
  • As the providers we must have a process to determine when a participant is inactive or not fully engaged, such as when the screen is minimized, or the participant does not answer the polling questions or verification codes. If you don't actively participate on the course, no credit will be issued.
  • For webinars - no less than two polling questions and/or attendance verification codes must be asked, with appropriate responses provided, at unannounced intervals during each one-hour webinar session to determine participant attentiveness.
  • As the course attendat you must be able to interact in real time with the instructor and should be able to submit questions and/or comments at any point during the webinar session.


As the provider of the course we must have a procedure that informs you, the student, in advance of the course participation requirements and consequences for failing to actively participate in the course. 

Please accept this e-mail as your advance notice of your course participation requirement.


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